Heather Aimee (Fisher) O’Neill is an award winning writer, editor, content developer and teacher. She teaches creative writing at CUNY Hunter College and is the Assistant Director of the Sackett Street Writers’ Workshop, one of New York City’s most prominent writing workshop organizations. Her most recent collection of poetry, Obliterations, is co-authored with Jessica Piazza and published by Red Hen Press.

As an editor, Heather develops, produces, and edits original content and branding concepts for websites, advertising and marketing campaigns, press releases, editorials, profiles, newsletters, and articles for numerous organizations across publishing, government, fashion, beauty, luxury real estate and the food industry.

She is a creative advisor and consulting editor for fiction, memoir, and poetry manuscripts and film scripts, working one-on-one with authors to optimize, refine, and develop content. Many of her clients have found representation with top agents, been accepted into top MFA programs, won awards, contests and grants, and have been published by major publishing houses.

She lives in Brooklyn, New York, with her wife and two sons.

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“Heather O’Neill changed me as a writer. She planted clarity in the content that we worked on, my first novel, and she provided macro input that armored me. She has an eye for important details, facts, distill writing – she is a poet. I crave that in the narrative. I hope I get to work with her again.” Ioannis Pappos, Hotel Living, Harper Collins

“Heather is smart, insightful, tenacious, encouraging, generous, cheerful and brilliant. She pushed me with one goal in mind – to do my best work and to be real and true to the characters. She helped the story shine. I wish she could be perched on my shoulder every day while I’m writing.” ‪ Susan Batten, author of Showing Roots, film produced by Michael Mailer and staring Maggie Grace, Uzo Aruba, Adam Brody and Cicely Tyson.

“Heather was a thoughtful, careful, and astute reader of my manuscript. She provided invaluable advice in helping me significantly cut the manuscript. She is a pleasure to work with and a true professional.”Mary K. Trigg, director of Leadership Program and Research at the Institute for Women’s Leadership, Associate Professor in the Department of Women’s and Gender Studies at Rutgers University, and author of Feminism as Life’s Work: Four Modern American Women, 1910 to 1940, Rutgers University Press

“Without the careful, directed feedback from Heather, I would have never gotten my first novel in good enough shape to land an agent and eventually to sell. When I got the marked up MS back, I was sure she must have discovered some time-warp phenomenon, because the amount of care poured into each page seemed too much of an accomplishment for the two short weeks she had to read. She told me what worked, and didn’t hold any punches about what didn’t. What was best about the experience was that she somehow framed the critique in such a way that I walked away energized to get right back to work, firm in my belief that I had spot-on insight into the steps needed to make my book the best it could be.” Timothy Lane, author of Rules of Becoming a Legend, Viking

“Heather O’Neill’s extraordinary warmth, insight, and generosity led me not only to a much stronger draft, that I could not possibly have come to on my own, in the time I spent in her class, she also equipped me with the confidence and necessary knowledge to move through the years of drafts and books to come.” Lynn Steger Strong, author of Hold Still, W.W. Norton’s Liveright